As a change maker, leader and an energetic person, I have several occupations.

I am Dean and Full Professor at IPAM Lisboa. I also collaborate with Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics as an Assistant Professor (Adjunct) and with ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon as Research fellow. As a professor I teach at undergraduate, graduate and executive programmes.

I am one of the founders and partners of inSoul, where I have developed training and projects in Marketing with Purpose and Personal Development.
Previously I was a mentorship of Social Entrepreneurship at IES-Social Business School.
I hold a PhD in Marketing, a Master and Bachelor in Management at ISCTE-IUL. Previously I was a Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Nova School of Business and Economics (NovaSBE), Portugal, and a Visiting Doctoral Student at the Open University, United Kingdom. I was also a Visiting scholar at the University of Southern Denmark and at the Budapest Metropolitan University.

Since I believe that learning is one of the most important things in life, I also took a Postgraduation in Digital Marketing at IPAM Lisboa and Sustainable Business Strategy Program at Harvard Business School.

In addition, I own several national and international certifications, such as Internacional Lattice Logic for Organizations Facilitator, International Lattice Logic Lifestyle Facilitator, Pedagogic Trainer, Social Entrepreneurship, Google Atelier Digital, Awareness Leadership e Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence and Online Teaching

I am author of several scientific articles in international journals and chapters in books. I also regularly write for national magazines, such as Briefing.
I participate as a speaker in international and national conferences and events where I present my work.

Some prices I won are: 2018 Distinguished Teaching Award (IPAM Lisboa); Nominee for 2017 Best Paper Award at EURAM 2017 (European Academy of Management Conference (EURAM)); Best Paper Award at EURAM 2015 (European Academy of Management (EURAM)); Finalist of the Doctoral Colloquium Best Paper Award at EURAM 2015 (European Academy of Management (EURAM)); Best Project in Social Entrepreneurship (IES-Social Entrepreneurship Institute (powered by INSEAD)).

On the societal side I am involved in several projects: The Economy of Francesco, which is an international project and a call from the Pope to Economists, entrepreneurs & changemakers to give a new soul to the Economy, “Abraçar a Paz” (inSoul), a national social responsible project, which aims to bring happiness and peace to people and “Digital School” (IPAM & Universidade Europeia) that is an Iberian social project, with the aim to decrease the digital gap in schools, by educating professors with digital skills, as well as, support schools and families with digital solutions and skills.

I was a ballet dancer and nowadays dance is one of my passions, along with music. I used to sing gospel in the Saint Dominic”s Gospel Choir.

I lived in the UK and Mozambique, I chose however to live in Portugal, since I feel very happy and comfortable in this country.

In my free time, I practice sports, read, and travel.

You may ask yourself – how does she do it? With love, focus and with teamwork. Of course, not all projects are active simultaneously. So, I have the time, flexibility, and efficiency to focus my energy when and where is needed.

Success comes from hard work and purpose.

You can also check what others say about me in Linkedin .

“I have been working with Marta in different projects for the last 3 years. Marta is the kind of professional you want to find in your professional endeavours! She is a super dynamic, dedicated, high achiever and collaborative person. I have met during her experience as mentor in IES- Social Business School, but we rapidly started developing other projects where Marta showed to be a great leader, excellent researcher, experienced on her academic skills. We had the pleasure to publish together the “ Road Map for Implementing Impact Investing: The Case of Multinational Companies” on the Global Handbook of Impact Investing: Solving Global Problems Via Smarter Capital Markets Towards A More Sustainable Society, WILEY. We are also both involved on the “Economy of Francesco” global Movement of academics, entrepreneurs and Economists promoted by the Pope Francis. I hope I can keep working with Marta along my career, since she is a trustworthy colleague, excellent reference, motivated and inspiring person, that I am sure everyone would like to work with.”

“An inspiration and a leader, she is unselfish in her accomplishments, sharing her experience and talents with classmates and individuals Marta is one of those people who is just so energetic and enthusiastic, it drives colleagues to work harder. She is a true classmate & professional and always generous with ideas and expertise in Management | Marketing field in a multicultural environment. She’s conscientious, detail-oriented, and eager to accept whatever challenges may come. Marta is also a very nice human being, nice to work with and always promoting a good environment between her colleagues. You will be very fortunate to work with and know someone like Marta!”

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