Hope is belief in the plausibility of the possible as opposed to the necessity of the probable.


I am a changemaker that aims to put in practice a Better Marketing for a Better World (BMBW) and help you and your company deliver better businesses for a better world.

What is my purpose:

My purpose is to work closely with you and/or your team, respecting your goals and ideas, and simultaneously helping to grow and improve your business in a more sustainable and purposeful way.

What I do:

I work with marketing with purpose. I help you to re-think your business and plan your strategy towards a business with purpose, including all the stakeholders, from employees, customers to business partners. 

How I do it:

As I believe every person and business is unique, I mostly work with customization, developing what is needed and what it takes for you and your business to prosper.


Developing a strategic plan for your business.


Deliver for you and for your team training sessions to develop and increase self and team competencies in order to improve purpose and performance.


Provide you with the skills and mindset for you and for your business to grow.


Motivate you and your team with a talk.

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Since I believe that with collaboration, we can get further, I work with a business partner – inSoul

Whoever walks alone can even get there faster... But those who are accompanied, go farther!

Clarice Lispector (1920-1977)